Western Province Schools Judo
Western Province Schools Judo


Judo coaching was introduced into Western Cape schools by Alex Butcher (6th DAN) in 1957, and has grown from strength to strength ever since.

Western Province Schools Kodokan Judo boasts highly qualified, professional Judo coaches who continue to draw on the knowledge of the excellent quality and style of Judo coaching passed down by Alex Butcher.

Jessica Butcher (grand-daughter of Alex), is a 2nd DAN, J.S.A. level 2 coach and a NSC level 2 coach. She is also a former Western Province Provincial & Boland coach, and having been a former captain of the under 21 National Ladies side and a SA Kata champion, her achievements speak volumes about her skill and experience. Ian Geustyn, a former student of Alex Butcher, is a 5th DAN, J.S.A. level 2 coach, a current Western Province Provincial coach and a former Boland coach. Ian’s achievements are just as impressive, having won Gold at the Commonwealth Games and Bronze at the All African Games.

We look forward to coaching you in the art of Judo.

Alex Percival Butcher

6th DAN

Kodokan Nidan

Licence, Tokyo, Japan

SA & WP heavy-weight

Champion, 1963

SA Games Silver & Bronze Medal in open & heavy-weight division, 1964

Champion of Champion, 1963